In Context Newsletter - Fall 2013

Disciplined Investors Win AgainHow Often Does the Government Shutdown?Dancing on the Ceiling 

Disciplined Investors Win Again
The third quarter certainly had its fair share of stress for investors. As the quarter came to a close, it was clear...

In Context Newsletter - Summer 2013

Why Have Bond Markets Been So Volatile?What Happened in Detroit?Advancements in ResearchPerspectives 

Why Have Bond Markets Been So Volatile?
Interest rates have risen significantly in 2013 with the five-year Treasury rate up 0.67 percent...

In Context Newsletter - Spring 2013

Stock Market PerspectiveStandard & Poor's 500 IndexClearing Up Misconceptions About Social Security BenefitsPerspectives 

Stock Market Perspective
After the bear markets of 2000–2002 and 2008, we seem to have entered an era in which...

In Context Newsletter - Winter 2013

Upcoming Budget DiscussionsUnderstanding the Debt Ceiling2012 in Review: Economy and MarketsPerspectives 

Upcoming Budget Discussions

With the eleventh hour passage of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, some might think we have put the...
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