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As individuals, each of us is unique. But when it comes to investing, while we each have distinct investment objectives, we tend to fall into two general groups for the core of our portfolios – investors adopt either an actively managed or passively managed investment approach. Why do we strongly recommend you adopt a passive approach?

We Can Be Our Own Worst Enemies
Despite the academic evidence, many of us still are tempted to pursue that undiscovered stock-picking method or broker who can successfully pick the winners and avoid the losers.

Behavioral economists have studied this tendency toward investor overconfidence – as well as a large array of behavioral traits (such as regret avoidance, irrational exuberance, and the endowment effect, to name just a few).


We Are A Fiduciary ADvisor

Have you ever wondered what being a fiduciary advisor means? In this video Tim Maurer, director of personal finance for the BAM ALLIANCE, demonstrates that it all comes down to whose interests your advisor really has at heart.


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