putting our clients firstThe Fiduciary Standard

In our world, every decision is made on how it best serves our clients’ near- and long-term interests. We advise our clients as we advise ourselves: investing in ways that enable broad diversity, low costs and appropriate levels of risk.


A Feeling of Assurancecustomized wealth management

Another point of differentiation is the feeling of assurance we help our clients achieve when they know they have a customized wealth management plan designed to integrate and enhance every aspect of their financial lives.

It’s what we mean when we talk about “true wealth management” — a holistic, all-encompassing approach that goes well beyond just investment advice and incorporates all facets of our clients’ financial lives, from tax planning to estate planning to risk management to retirement funding to charitable giving and beyond.

By understanding and aligning these critical components of financial health, investors and their families substantially improve the odds of reaching their most important goals.


 A Deliberate Process to Achieving Goals


As an advisor who follows an evidence-based investing philosophy, we believe that the relationship we have with our clients needs to be about so much more than the numbers. As Carl Richards, director of investor education for the BAM ALLIANCE, says in this foundational film, "We see past the spreadsheet to understand your most important dreams and goals."